KINGKONG drop-resistant handpiece

  • kingkong pro5


  • the head of the handpiece is made of stainless steel
  • the cartridge won't be damaged after vrtically dropping from a height of 1 meter


Dust-resistant design

  • The head of Woodpecker dental handpiece can prevent blood, virus or other contaminants entering into the dental hand- piece when the negative pressure is produced by the stop of cutting.
  • Meanwhile contaminants cannot intrude into the bearing, which prolong the bearing’s life much.



  • Woodpecker dental handpiece is highly cost-effective.
  • the catridge is easy to replace, making it cost-saving and time-saving.


Chuck type

  • The wrench type chuck is highly reliable.
  • The push button type chuck is in spring type structure, making it convenient and comfortable for pressing.
  • As the bur clamping force will automatically increase, the bur won’t fly out when cutting teeth.

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