Runyes Care 11

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  • Top mounted handpiece operating system, hidden design,tidy and beautiful
  • One-piece PU base, perfect combination of luxury and steadiness
  • Dental chair with armored foot control on pedestal
  • The dental unit use computer intelligent system, with two universal key.By set one key to realize any function, such as control lamp by foot pedal.
  • The side-box can rotate 90° right angle, convenient for 4-hand operation90°rotational basin, comfortable and convenient
  • Computer master control and  side control, with preset button, gargle bit key and reset key
  • Original imported air and water pipe and handpiece pipe
  • Linkage structure, chair-back will move as the cushion move
  • Safety, with protection device to make sure the operation safety
  • Foot pedal can control handpiece cooling and blowing function
  • Top location of storage bottle mouth, easy for refilling. Alarm when water outage happened.
  • Adjustable joint headrest can be used for adults and children
  • Automatic check on the rack
  • Adopt ABS engineering plastics and the whole mold making
  • Suction and strong suction system with time delay function
  • Reserved place for escalation of  light curing, scaler line and endoscope
  • When the handpiece is working, dental chair will automatically keep locked to ensure the operation safety
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